Company Profile

"We dont stop till the whole family is happy"



      Chris is a New Orleans native, former building material supply center director, and Old Dominion University graduate. His passion for starting Constructing Up was driven by the gaps in service he noticed from most of the premiere custom construction companies. He also noticed that clients were also seeking a wider array of custom services for existing foundations. As cities are continuing to evolve to accommodate the lifestyles of city dwelling, remote working, and need for community more opportunity exists to remodel and refresh to fully enjoy living. Chris’s experiences and personal connection with his customers became his competitive advantage. Therefore, Constructing Up was born. He focuses on niche markets and understands that our best asset is creating custom home experiences tailored to each of our customers. Currently Chris spends all of his free time attending track meets, lacrosse games, and softball tournaments for his three children.


      Kelly is a State College Pennsylvania native, and currently works as a Senior Manager for a fortune 100 company in sales. She is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Leadership at Vanderbilt University and has her MBA from the State University of New York and an undergrad degree from Penn State University. Throughout her career she has lead businesses as large as $2 billion in sales including P/L, HR, Project Management, and branding. She sets a strong example with her own values, actions and gently guides success through relationships to ensure the best for all of her clients.  Her greatest leadership skill is her ability to treat all members of her organization with great respect and empathy. Her skills provide a very diverse set of attributes that will complement Chris providing you a superior experience with Constructing Up.

    Currently Kelly spends all of her free time with her young daughter at gymnastics or traveling with her to see family and friends.

Chris & Kelly both possess a work ethic that is unparalleled in today’s environment.  They measure a project by the completed product and satisfaction of clients, not hours contributed.  They each demonstrate discipline and dedicate themselves completely to every foundation they undertake.  They look forward to providing you and your families the foundations to support your future dreams.